Art and culture workshop

Pollitos and Art Workshop Copenhagen offer every month a workshop for children to discover the Spanish speaking culture through art.

We will learn about Spanish and Latin American traditions through oral stories and legends. Children will learn about culture with stories and develop creativity through artistic activities.

What are we doing in this workshop?

  • We will sart by reading Spanish or Latin American stories, stories or legends, practicing Spanish and discovering our culture from different stories.
  • We will reflect and share our views on stories, characters and morality.
  • We will explore different materials, shapes and colors. We will express ourselves in plastic arts and encourage creativity and collective inspiration.
  • We will share our work and said goodbye with a big smile until we met again.

The first meeting will be at Pollitos the 20th of march (Godsbanegade 27).


From 1 to 5 years old, with families:

- 9:15 a 10:15 

Over 5 years old

- 10:30 a 12:00


- From 1 to  5: 250dkk (225 dkk members of Pollitos and Art Workshop Copenhagen)

- Over 5: 300dkk (275dkk members of Pollitos and Art Workshop Copenhagen)

The payment can be done through MobilePay to the number 50268677 (Marta Pastur). 

To participate, please fill in the following application form and we will contact you: