Ballet in Spanish

Ballet class in Spanish are an opportunity to practice the Spanish language in a playful and stimulating context. In addition to language development, we will work with:

  • Motor skills.
  • Coordination.
  • Body expression.
  • Notion of the body and space.
  • Musical sensitivity.
  • Rhythm.
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Andrea, a dancer with experience on stage

Andrea is a dancer certified by the Royal Academy of Dance. She trained in classical ballet and contemporary dance at the CMC dance studio and at the Carles Ibàñez Ballet Company in Barcelona. She currently continues to train as a dancer at YO Studios in Copenhagen.

She has danced for 13 years at the CMC ballet school and at the Carles Ibàñez Ballet Company. She has experience performing pieces in theaters such as CMC, the Barcelona Teatre Musical and the mErcat de les Flors, and performing in various dance festivals.

As a teacher, she has been an assistant in classes with children from 4 to 6 years old at the CMC dance studio during the 2010-2014 seasons. She is currently a ballet teacher in Spanish at the Pollitos Spanish Academy.

Classical ballet and dance have been a constant in my life since I was very young. I started taking ballet classes at the age of five to correct a problem with my feet when walking and it ended up being an essential activity part of my life. In addition to solving this condition, in ballet classes I discovered a way to express myself and overcome my shyness, the stage became the space where I could express myself freely. The perseverance and dedication required to learn ballet and prepare choreographies, taught me to value the importance of effort and hardwork to improve and achieve new challenges.

My wish for Pollitos' ballet classes is to be able to share my passion for dance and the sensitivity towards music, as well as teaching the kids the importance of effort and the desire to learn and improve. Beyond transmitting my technical knowledge about classical ballet and how to exercise the body, the most important goal for me is to create a space where they are free to find their voice expressing themselves through dance. 



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