Pollitos Spanish Academy

Pollitos is a Spanish Academy for children in Copenhagen. It was founded in 2020 due to a high demand of Spanish classes for the Spanish speaking children in the city. The majority of the families at Pollitos have mixed nationalities, therefore they have the need to offer to their children the space and opportunity to speak Spanish and create a network to share their language and culture with.

With time, the project of Pollitos has become a sociocultural space where families, and especially kids, can experience and appreciate their cultural traditions, roots and language in a significant, fun and stimulating way. Pollitos makes sure to provide children the opportunity and right to speak their mother tongue, participate in traditional festivities and customs, and share the experience with their families.

Pollitos follows a learning methodology based on the natural process of acquiring the mother tongue, a learning that takes place in a determined, natural, and spontaneous order. Pollitos offers a place for the children, so they have the opportunity to learn and improve their Spanish. Also, the kids can create strong social contacts to support each other and dive into the Spanish language and culture. 

Pollitos has more than 100 students who are between one and ten years old, organised in groups following age criteria and level of Spanish. The personal situation of families is taken into account, as well as the development and skills of children. Accordingly, we create homogeneous and small groups in which quality education is guaranteed and designed to meet their specific needs.