Pollitos Spanish Academy

Pollitos is a Spanish academy for kids in Copenhagen. It was established on January 1, 2020, in response to the high demand for Spanish classes among the children of Spanish-speaking immigrants in the Danish capital. Many couples come from mixed backgrounds and seek a place where their children can speak Spanish and build strong social connections to share their culture and language.

As the project unfolded, Pollitos has evolved into a sociocultural space where families, especially children, can engage with their traditions, roots, and language in a playful and stimulating manner. Pollitos ensures the right of children to speak their native language, participate in their traditional celebrations and customs, and be taught by their parents.

Pollitos offers Spanish classes for both children and adults, along with ballet and theater lessons in Spanish, speech therapy services, and a children's bookstore. With over 100 students ranging from one to sixty years old, Pollitos arranges students into groups based on age and Spanish proficiency level. Families' personal situations, as well as children's development and skills, are considered to create small, homogeneous groups that guarantee a quality education tailored to their specific needs.

At Pollitos, we encourage learning in small groups, though we also organize events and activities in larger groups involving all the families in the academy. Through cooperation and teamwork, students acquire new skills and abilities. Working in small groups makes it easier to capture the attention of the little ones and provide them with dedicated support in their learning journey.