Marta Pastur

Director and pedagogue

Marta was born in Oviedo, Asturias, and she is a graduate of Pedagogy and Education. She holds a Master's in Neuropsychology in the educational field. She has complementary training in teaching Spanish to kids, Co-education, Theater, Development Education, ICT Tools in Education, Sex Education, and Educational Integration and worked three years at the European School of Copenhagen.

She loves kids, and she is a persistent and creative person. She likes being active, reading, and having projects that motivate her every day.

Since Marta came to Copenhagen she wanted to start a personal project related to the educational field and her roots. With patience and a big effort, the idea of ​​the Pollitos Academy has become a reality. 

Andrea Escribano

Spanish and ballet teacher

Andrea was born in Barcelona, she holds a degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education and she is specialized in English Teaching. She has also been trained as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language. She has continued her professional development by participating in training courses on innovative methodologies, such as task and project-based learning.

Concurrently with her studies, she has always been involved in the non-formal educational field, as a ballet teacher, leisure time monitor, and extracurricular English teacher. Before moving to Denmark, she worked in different schools in Barcelona as a substitute teacher.

Andrea is a creative person, she loves challenges and motivating projects. She got to know Denmark during her Erasmus in Copenhagen, she fell in love with the culture and the city. Now she enjoys sharing the Spanish language and culture, through Spanish classes and ballet classes. 

Inés Díez Sierra

Speech Therapist

Inés, born in Zaragoza, holds a degree in teaching specializing in Audition and Language as well as Therapeutic Pedagogy. Additionally, she specialized with a Master's in Special Educational Needs and Social and Educational Inclusion at the University of Deusto (Bilbao), where she gained valuable experience alongside experts in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder and language and communication development. She also has additional training in reading and writing difficulties, as well as comprehensive training in inclusive education for students with ASD.

With a diverse professional background, Inés has collaborated in multidisciplinary teams in various contexts, from educational centers to speech therapy clinics, where she has worked with children with a wide range of needs and difficulties, including autism, language disorders, and reading and writing difficulties, among others. Her therapeutic approach focuses on placing children and their families at the center of intervention, identifying their interests, strengths, and needs, and using play as a fundamental tool in her sessions.

Inés is a cheerful, affectionate, approachable, and empathetic person. She loves meeting new people, enjoying music, and continuously educating herself, learning from both the professionals she works with and the children and families she serves, who are her primary motivation in this profession.

María García

Spanish teacher for adults

Maria was born in Barcelona. She holds a degree in Primary Education with a specialization in English, as well as a Master's degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Over the past four years, she has been employed as a monitor and educator in primary schools, associations, and various Spanish language academies catering to adults in Barcelona.

Beyond her experience in traditional classroom settings, she also possesses proficiency in online teaching methods. She is very interested in the communicative approaches, gamification techniques, and collaborative methods in her teaching. Furthermore, values the interests of her students in order to make learning as meaningful and motivating as possible.

Maria is a creative person, she loves to create her own materials for classes and she enjoys reading, learning languages and learning about different cultures.

Mariana Cagnoli

Theater teacher

Mariana was born in Patagonia, Argentina and moved to Denmark in 2019. She is an actress and drama teacher with more than ten years of professional experience. Mariana has a five-year degree in Performing Arts from the National University of the Arts (UNA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also has complementary training in pedagogical and communication techniques.

As an actress, she has extensive experience acting on stage and in front of the camera for commercials, series, movies, and more. As a theater teacher, Mariana has a vast experience teaching theater classes and teaching a foreign language through the performing arts to children and adolescents.

Mariana is a creative professional with a deep passion for the arts and a focus on making the world a better place. She enjoys traveling, reading, writing, yoga, baking, and spending time with friends and family.