Marta Pastur

Director and Teacher

Marta was born in Oviedo, Asturias, and she is a graduate of Pedagogy and Education. She holds a Master's in Neuropsychology in the educational field. She has complementary training in teaching Spanish to kids, Co-education, Theater, Development Education, ICT Tools in Education, Sex Education, and Educational Integration and worked three years at the European School of Copenhagen.

She loves kids, and she is a persistent and creative person. She likes being active, reading, and having projects that motivate her every day.

Since Marta came to Copenhagen she wanted to start a personal project related to the educational field and her roots. With patience and a big effort, the idea of ​​the Pollitos Academy has become a reality. 

Andrea Escribano

Teacher in Copenhagen

Andrea was born in Barcelona, she holds a degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education and she is specialized in English Teaching. She has also been trained as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language. She has continued her professional development by participating in training courses on innovative methodologies, such as task and project-based learning.

Concurrently with her studies, she has always been involved in the non-formal educational field, as a ballet teacher, leisure time monitor, and extracurricular English teacher. Before moving to Denmark, she worked in different schools in Barcelona as a substitute teacher.

Andrea is a creative person, she loves challenges and motivating projects. She got to know Denmark during her Erasmus in Copenhagen, she fell in love with the culture and the city. Now she enjoys sharing the Spanish language and culture, through Spanish classes and ballet classes. 

Susan López

Speech Therapist in Copenhagen

Susan was born in Chile and she has a degree in Speech Therapy. She has eight years of experience, specializing in language, speech, and communication disorders in the child-adolescent population. Most recently she has worked with users who have difficulties in their neurodevelopment, specifically with diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and blindness. She has knowledge and application of the PROMPT technique (Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets), along with a certification in Baby Signs. 

Susan is a creative person who enjoys performing her therapies through play, orienting therapeutic objectives to the interests of her users. This means a meaningful experience for them, so in her sessions, you will always have fun.

Susan moved to Denmark with her husband, daughter, and her pet in order to meet new people and places, and continue to grow professionally.

José Fernando Martín

Spanish teacher for adults in Copenhagen

Fernando was born in Malaga and he is a graduate of Tourism and Labour Studies, and he holds a master's degree in teaching. 

He discovered his passion for teaching helping disabled people. He also enjoyed working for non-for-profit associations teaching the Spanish language to the newcomers in the country, so they would have an extra chance to find a job or to create a meaningful and cultural connexion

He continued his teaching adventure in the UK for another 5 years, and today He's here in Copenhagen with Pollitos Spanish Academy hand by hand, teaching this gorgeous language.

His didactic proposal is based on the natural method of learning, supported by a proper and solid grammar base. He is focusing his lessons in small groups, which favors tailored lessons adapted to the student's priorities and needs.

Mariana Cagnoli

Theater teacher

Mariana was born in Patagonia, Argentina and moved to Denmark in 2019. She is an actress and drama teacher with more than ten years of professional experience. Mariana has a five-year degree in Performing Arts from the National University of the Arts (UNA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also has complementary training in pedagogical and communication techniques.

As an actress, she has extensive experience acting on stage and in front of the camera for commercials, series, movies, and more. As a theater teacher, Mariana has a vast experience teaching theater classes and teaching a foreign language through the performing arts to children and adolescents.

Mariana is a creative professional with a deep passion for the arts and a focus on making the world a better place. She enjoys traveling, reading, writing, yoga, baking, and spending time with friends and family.