Celebrate your birthday with Pollitos

¡Celebrate your little one's themed birthday at Pollitos! 

Starting today, you can book a birthday party + workshop at Pollitos. We have plenty of workshops for all ages! Dinosaur workshop, animal workshop, art workshop, science workshop, fantasy workshop...

Themed birthday

We have workshops for all ages and interests.

In your language

We can have the birthday party in Spanish, Danish, English, French, and Catalan.

Certified teachers

The workshops are designed and facilitated by education professionals

Frequently asked questions

1. HOW do I book a birthday?

Choose a workshop and contact us at the phone number 50268677 or email escueladk@gmail.com. We recommend making the reservation at least two weeks in advance. The reservation will be finalized once payment is made. Additional participants can be added last minute as long as we have the necessary materials (depending on the reserved workshop).

2. WHEN can I celebrate the birthday?

Birthdays can be celebrated on FRIDAYS. We adapt to the schedule that suits you best.

3. HOW many participants can be in a birthday?

Each birthday has a minimum number of participants (if there are less participants than indicated, the minimum price will be still charged). The maximum depends on each workshop and the age of the participants, but it can be around 12 participants. Contact us for more information.

4. HOW OLD can the kids be?

Depending on the theme, the kids can range from 2 to 15 years old. We adapt the activities based on age and interests.


Birthdays at Pollitos do not include cake or drinks. If the family wants it they can provided and it will be served during the workshop.

6. I would like another theme for my workshop

We can design a custom birthday for you. Contact us!

7. Do you do BIRTHDAYS OUTSIDE of your premises?

Yes, we can conduct these workshops outside of our premises for an additional cost. Contact us for more information.

8. CANCELLATION of birthdays

Once the reservation is made, the amount will not be refunded. However, it can be changed for another date, other workshops at Pollitos or books.

9. In what LANGUAGES?

Depending on the workshop, we can do it in Spanish, English, Danish, French, and Catalan.

Book now your kid's birthday!


Book now your kid's birthday!